Organic Gardening Tips

Researching is showing that organic fruits and vegetables are better for a person’s health. They are free from chemicals and do not use anything artificial in the growing process. Here are a few useful tips for a person that wants to grow their own organic fruits and vegetables.

Organic Fruits & Vegetables

Getting Started

You should first think about the fruits and vegetables you’d want to grow in the space available in your garden. You should plot out the garden on a small scale and decided where each plant will go. You person can then look for the plants. Organic fruit and vegetable seeds will be labeled as organic. If you’re not sure, then ask before making a purchase. Organic seeds can also be purchased over the internet.

Setting the Soil

It is important to have soil that is rich in organic matter which will nourish the plants and allow them to grow and flourish. To get the soil full of nutrients, an organic compost can be made. A person should save their coffee grinds, vegetable peels, and any part of a vegetable they are going to throw away and allow it to become a compost. A person can than put this where they plan to have their garden. This will allow earthworms to penetrate the soil and will relieve stress on the plats as they grow. A compost can also be made with grass and leaf clippings.

Resistant Plants

There are some plants that are naturally resistant to bugs. Tomato plants for example give off a certain chemical that common pests stay away from. A person can do a little research on the plants they want to grow and include some that will keep the pests away.

Tomato plants

Natural Repellant

If you’re not familiar with companies that offer termite inspection Phoenix, then here’s an easy way to get rid of bugs. All a person has to do is mix a little bit of dish soap in water. When the mixture is sudsy they can spray it on the leaves and stems of the plants in the garden. This simple mixture works great for even the heaviest of aphid infestations and will not add chemicals to the soil.

These are just some organic gardening tips to help a person grow fruits and vegetables without the use of chemicals. If a person pays attention to their garden, gives the plants plenty of water, and takes care of the soil they can grow their own organic food.